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The Best Worry-Free Support Available

As a specialized Database Managed Service Provider (DMSP), CommitDBA has best-in-class processes and procedures, infrastructure, tools, security and other provisions that are necessary to exceed each client’s enterprise database support needs. CommitDBA is committed to continuous service improvements and to equipping your assigned database teams with the latest technologies. The comprehensive approach that CommitDBA deploys provides worry-free support for a growing list of clients.

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Other Vendor

Database Services established history of providing enterprise data and database services? Yes ?
Ross Group Inc has provided DBA services since 1995.
...all North American on-shore support available 24x7? Yes ?
Easily accessible with excellent communication and quick response times.
…a Database Managed Service Provider whose president and team leader is a former DBA with vast experience in the industry? Yes ?
The President of CommitDBA was a DBA for 15 years and understands all issues and customer service needs in detail.
...a Database Managed Service Provider whose president and team leader is an actual business stakeholder in the company? Yes ?
Go directly to the top of the company with questions or issues. The President is responsible for complete client satisfaction. access and contact info to your assigned primary or secondary DBA? Yes ?
No filters with CommitDBA; No pool of DBAs that you don't know who will work on your issue; Direct access to your assigned DBA
who will be knowledgeable of your environment.
...a dedicated Failsafe DBA for checking outstanding alarms/issues? Yes ?
CommitDBA processes eliminate all alarm and alert gaps.
…a robust escalation process for 24x7 immediate response? Yes ?
CommitDBA tiers have up to five levels of escalation workgroups.
...a Standards and Services Best Practices document to their DBA team? Yes ?
Must be signed by CommitDBA team.
...a 200+ in-scope list so you know what you are getting for services? Yes ?
DBAManage services covers holistic database proactive support.
...a Project Manager (PM) to monitor all projects to satisfaction? Yes ?
CommitDBA establishes PM oversight on all database projects.
…a robust cloud-based ticketing system for entering DBA projects? Yes ?
CommitDBA uses Autotask endpoint cloud ticketing system.
...a comprehensive SLA for response time to database issues? Yes ?
CommitDBA provides a comprehensive SLA designed for database coverage.
...a high availability guarantee with credits for non-compliance? Yes ?
CommitDBA provides credits for unlikely database outages.
...a mechanism for scale-up or scale-down DB Instances immediately? Yes ?
CommitDBA contracts are flexible to adjust as needed.
...a large catalog and portfolio of service practices to meet your exact data/database requirements? Yes ?
CommitDBA provides over 7 Database practices to meet each client's specific needs.
…an intense focus on database security to protect your data as a last line of defense? Yes ?
CommitDBA not only provides traditional DBA services but also has extensive practices in database & data security.
…new and emerging service practices for today's evolving cloud based requirements? Yes ?
CommitDBA not only provides traditional DBA services but also has extensive practices in public and private cloud data services.
…a defined database maturity model for rating your database environment? Yes ?
CommitDBA quickly improves your database maturity and capability.
…a top 10 database essentials model that covers all DBA services? Yes ?
CommitDBA services incorporate complete & holistic administration.
...a holistic database assessment plus 5 deep-dive assessments? Yes ?
CommitDBA specializes in specific need assessments/audits.

Robust Database Tools and Monitoring database proactive monitoring tool bundled into services? Yes ?
Quest Foglight with DBAManage Standard and Advanced services. database administration tool bundled in services? Yes ?
Quest TOAD with DBAManage Standard and Advanced services. database performance tool bundled in services? Yes ?
Quest Performance Investigator with DBAManage Advanced services. VMWare and Storage tool optional? Yes ?
Quest VMWare and Storage tool offered as an option.
...cost savings to client with bundling best-in-class tools vs. purchasing? Yes ?
CommitDBA provides ROI fact sheet.
…your organization to leverage optimal pre-built and repeatable database alarms designed for your database environment? Yes ?
CommitDBA has vetted out all optimal alarm settings with hundreds of hours of testing and production experience.
...a dedicated DBA supporting ongoing tool maintenance and latest releases? Yes ?
CommitDBA is diligent with keeping tools at the latest releases.
…addressing of all failure points which encompass a sophisticated alarm ecosystem? Yes ?
CommitDBA understands all failure points and addresses them when needed. of the monitoring collection server in a secure Tier IV private cloud? Yes ?
Tier IV cloud is considered as most robust and less prone to failures. owner of the company reviewing Fatal alarms as an additional failsafe? Yes ?
CommitDBA President reviews and communicates with failsafe DBA.
...weekly, quarterly and ad-hoc tool reports and metrics? Yes ?
CommitDBA keeps clients informed at all times with updates.
… ongoing quality assurance (QA) of product tool best usage and practices? Yes ?
CommitDBA team has twice monthly support/update meetings.

Latest Technologies for Optimal Remote Client Support

...the latest fully equipped laptops to DBAs for remote support? Yes ?
CommitDBA team utilizes the latest available hardware/software.
...the latest mobile tablet technology for remote support? Yes ?
CommitDBA team uses the latest MS Surface Pro tablets.
...the latest mobile smartphones for client calls and monitoring alerts? Yes ?
CommitDBA team utilizes the latest available Verizon smartphones.
…secure private cloud-based infrastructure for monitoring and operations? Yes ?
CommitDBA utilizes Tier IV private cloud services.

Security Driven Services to Protect You

...a current SOC 1-SSAE 16 Audit ? Yes ?
CommitDBA is industry SOC-1 SSAE 16 compliant with 2016 audit.
…a comprehensive company security policy document signed by staff? Yes ?
All staff must sign company security policy document.
…a specific DBA security and compliance policy document signed by staff? Yes ?
All DBA staff must sign DBA security policy document.
…scheduled security and compliance meetings specifically tailored to DBA. staff? Yes ?
CommitDBA has required security specific staff meetings.
...policies and services to protect client credentials? Yes ?
CommitDBA utilizes Keeper Security - See Security Standards doc.
...background checks every two years for DBA staff? Yes ?
CommitDBA requires ongoing background checks. software and encryption mobile devices and laptops for DBAs? Yes ?
CommitDBA utilizes security software BitLocker and FileVault.
...a database security practice that includes all security checklists? Yes ?
CommitDBA incorporates the latest and best practices for services.

Cost/Benefit ROI calculator to prove cost benefits with DBAManage services? Yes ?
Our ROI sheets details true cost savings with CommitDBA services.
…a comparison of the real value of best-in-class tools incorporated into DBA practices? Yes ?
CommitDBA can prove thousands of dollars in savings with Quest tools embedded in services vs. you purchasing direct.
…a pre-purchased block-of-hours for projects that do not expire? Yes ?
Any unused hours can be rolled over monthly or yearly.
...thousands of dollars on database training each year for DBAs? Yes ?
CommitDBA believes in continuous education for its DBA staff.
…the latest mobile devices to their DBA support team bundled in? Yes ?
CommitDBA pays for the latest mobile technologies.

Additional Value Added

...a database services firm that also provides application diagnostic support and can pinpoint critical application/database issues immediately? Yes ?
Ross Group has a division of enterprise application developers and engineers that work closely with our database team.

Our 17+ Years of DBA Services Validate our Professionalism

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