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Top 10
Database Essentials

We have you covered with the Top 10 Database Essentials

CommitDBA Top Ten Essentials

No Worries, No Gaps, You’re Covered

How do data-driven companies know that their enterprise databases are managed holistically utilizing industry best practices that cover all administrative tasks?

At CommitDBA, we have created a catalog of database topology coverages so the DBA has a thorough understanding of what database components are to be serviced.

Without a holistic database services approach, there is a high risk and potential for DBA service gaps that could cause significant operational issues for data-driven organizations.

We are able to find out these high risk gaps through a comprehensive and holistic database assessment which utilizes the Top 10 Database Essentials as the baseline for analysis.

Top 10 Database Essentials

1. Management Execution: Manage, implement and execute the necessary database support requirements and essentials.
2. Security Safeguards: Ensure all database protection points are covered and preventative controls are in place.
3. Recovery Reliability: Ensure solid backup strategies and processes are in place to recover from whatever points of failure that could occur.
4. High Availability Maximized: Implement best-possible HA options and redundancy solutions for enterprise database environments due to ongoing 24x7 and always available requirements.
5. Performance and Monitoring Maximized: Ensure optimal performance. Poor performing databases can cause financial business loss. Proactive monitoring provides real time alerts for the DBA to respond immediately.

The Database Essentials

6. Architecture Maximized: Implement proper database architecture which affects database performance, backup and recovery, redundancy, high availability and data growth.
7. Scalability Maximized: Being proactive with data growth and processing loads may require infrastructure upgrades.
8. Development Execution: Support DBA Development functions including stored procedures, functions, triggers, object modifications, application issues and others.
9. Remediation Assurance: Implement process controls and standards for remediating problematic database issues based on severity. Implement proactive monitoring to alert such conditions in real-time.
10. Maintenance and Deployment Execution: Provide ongoing maintenance updates using credible and reliable maintenance plans. Prepare and deploy all types of database upgrades to ensure smooth and risk averse execution.
CommitDBA covers all the bases for optimal database support. No worries or gaps.

Please see white paper Top 10 Database Essentials – A Catalog of DBA Coverage Necessities for a more comprehensive look.

The Top 10 Essential Baseline Provides End-to-End DBA Services

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