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Quest Foglight and TOAD

Fast Detection, Diagnosis, Resolution and Administration
of Database Problems and Issues

CommitDBA Database Tools

Best-in-Class DBA Tools

Database health is critical to ensuring business continuity. To maintain peak database performance, DBAs require unattended 24x7 proactive monitoring, data collection and alert automation. With Quest Foglight (datasheet), the CommitDBA team can easily detect, diagnose, resolve and report on performance and problematic issues whenever and however they occur.

Foglight’s intuitive interface and centralized dashboard (example) allows our CommitDBA team to assess enterprise-level performance at a glance. We are instantly alerted to bottlenecks and critical issues and can play back historical data for immediate diagnosis. This includes a minimal footprint imposing no agent overhead on the monitored hosts.

In addition to Foglight, CommitDBA utilizes the Quest TOAD Suite (datasheet) as a database administration tool to minimize database management requirements and diagnose poor performing SQL queries. TOAD is an industry-standard database tool highly valued among the DBA community.

CommitDBA has a strategic partnership with Quest who provides a unique product and tool service to Database Managed Service Providers (DMSP) like CommitDBA. "Our relationship with Quest provides a win-win scenario between CommitDBA and its customers" indicated Steven Woody, President CommitDBA. "Foglight and TOAD come bundled in with our CommitDBA services with no extra license cost for the customer."

Foglight Value and Advantages

24x7 Proactive Database Monitoring

Execute Against Multiple Instances

Real Time Problem Detection

Automated Alerting to the CommitDBA Team

Critical Metrics Obtained from Diagnostics

Centralized Dashboard for Global View

Historical Data Captured for One Year

No Extra Costs or License Fees Required!

TOAD Value and Advantages

SQL Performance Tuning Automated

SQL Compare for Synchronization

Build, Test, Debug Database Code

DBA Admin Tasks Centralized

Execute Against Multiple Instances

Recall SQL Scripts Run Any Time

Maintains Code Accuracy & Efficiency

No Extra Costs or License Fees Required!

Foglight Monitoring is 24x7 Proactive

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