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Core Values

Our Core Values Reflect Premium Services Delivered to CommitDBA Customers

Core Values


Claiming to be a professional service provider is easy to do. However for many providers, this claim does not hold up. CommitDBA starts with hiring professionally driven employees who produce a professional culture of services. Second, the CommitDBA Managed Service Model establishes customers as first priority and they remain worry free knowing that our professional services will meet all of their database needs. Finally, CommitDBA incorporates strong management and leadership governance that provides the foundation for embedding professionalism throughout the services infrastructure.


Quality in service delivery is a critical component of CommitDBA core values. Our customers have confidence in the quality of database services delivered to their organization. CommitDBA provides quality assurance through efficient processes to meet customer requirements along with quality control practices that deliver exemplary results for database services. CommitDBA quality of services is reflected by our DBA expertise and skill level, our diverse background in database technologies and industries, our usage of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server best practices, our internal standard and guideline procedures, our service level agreement (SLA), our leadership and services model and other service quality provisions.

Integrity and Transparency

A key component of a professionally managed service provider is integrity and transparency. That starts at the top of the organization and permeates down to all employees and job functions. CommitDBA is built on integrity and is reflected in the employees that we hire. We own up to issues that might need to be resolved and work with our customers diligently to exceed expectations. Our management structure including company founding partner, Steven Woody, who leads the CommitDBA services, communicates with customers as needed to make sure that the CommitDBA standards for high integrity and professionalism are sustained and meet customer expectations.


Customers that depend on a Database Managed Service Provider (DMSP) like CommitDBA for 24x7 proactive database monitoring, quick response and just-in-time remediation demand reliability. Customers want to know that their primary or secondary DBA will respond in the middle of the night to critical and fatal Foglight alarms. Customers want to know that the DBA expertise is there to support their diverse database technology requirements. Customers want to know that their database projects will be done on time and within budget. At CommitDBA, we focus on reliability as a core value because we know that without service reliability, we offer nothing of value to those requiring enterprise database services.

Our Core Values Put Customers First

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