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CommitDBA News

CommitDBA News

Oracle and CommitDBA Help DMAX Achieve Superior Manufacturing Performance and Reliability

January 31 - Dayton, Ohio

One of CommitDBA’s clients, DMAX, was experiencing performance and reliability issues with its Oracle RAC environment running under the Windows operating system. CommitDBA recommended and installed Oracle Unbreakable Linux 7 in a 2 node RAC cluster for DMAX. EMC Extreme I/O is being used for the storage, coupled with Oracle ASM. Oracle 12c Enterprise is the chosen RDBMS.

CommitDBA helped DMAX migrate from a Windows-based platform to Linux. 1.5TB of data was migrated using export data pump into the new hardware and Oracle RDBMS environment. During the export and import, the parallel feature was utilized. In addition, CommitDBA parallelized the sftp of the data pump output files to the new Linux servers. This allowed for minimal downtime as user acceptance testing was scheduled at a specific time.

There are a number of different applications that connect into this database. To prevent touching each application server or client confirmation, CommitDBA updated DNS aliases to point to the new RAC scan name. Testing went very well and performance is looking fantastic. CommitDBA plans to stand-up a new Oracle Data Guard/standby environment over the next few weeks.

According to Dwayne Hopkins, IT Director at DMAX, “DMAX has a long term database and software support partnership with Ross Group CommitDBA. The migration was handled by CommitDBA in their usual professional manner. We look forward to the improved performance and reliability of our Oracle/Linux IT environment so DMAX can meet the increasing demand of production for our Duramax Diesel engines.”

DMAX is a manufacturer of diesel engines for trucks. DMAX, originally announced in December 1998, is a joint venture between and operated by General Motors and Isuzu. The company's Duramax V8 engine has been extremely successful for GM.

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