Database Management Simplified

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Services Roadmap

A Proven Track Record, Long History, Highly Specialized DBAs and Best-in-Class Monitoring Tools

CommitDBA Manage

Kickoff Meeting

  • Contact and Connectivity Info Shared
  • Timelines and Schedule Discussed
  • SLA and Service Call Procedures Discussed
  • Future DBA Projects Discussed
  • Q&A Session
CommitDBA Meeting


Foglight Monitoring Tool

  • Foglight Requirements Established
  • Install and Administer Foglight Components
  • Tweak Foglight Alerts based on Activity

Analyze Database Environment

  • Perform Database Assessment or Discovery
  • Present Findings and Recommendations
  • Discuss Remediation Plan


  • Implement Remediation Plan
  • Top 10 Issues Addressed in Priority Order
  • Certify Database Environment as Stabilized


Review Meetings

  • Discuss Database Activities and Dashboards
  • Scheduled every 3 or 6 months
  • Discuss and Implement Recommendations
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