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Database Remote Managed Services Provides Cost Savings to Your Organization

CommitDBA Manage

Remote DBA Proactive Services

Remote Database Administration is a cost effective and proven support model to achieve optimal Oracle and SQL Server database performance, high availability and security. Our premier managed service product DBAManage brings to your organization the reliability you demand, the professionalism you expect and the ROI you need to stay competitive.

For a fixed monthly price CommitDBA 24x7you receive end-to-end high impact DBA services 24x7 with best-in-class proactive monitoring tool Foglight checking the database every five minutes for problematic conditions.

We typically perform an assessment before starting DBAManage to identify and remediate any major problematic conditions.

Please see DBAManage Services Roadmap for a complete view of DBAManage startup to ongoing 24x7 proactive database coverage.

DBAManage Brings

  • Over 200 in-scope database administration tasks (see Scope Data Sheet)
  • Expert and Certified on-shore senior Database Administrators
  • Best-in-Class database monitoring with Quest Foglight
  • Best-in-Class database administration with Quest TOAD
  • Quick remediation of database problems
  • Increased database Productivity and Sustainment
  • True Database Managed Services model

Business and ROI Value

DBAManage incorporates an optimized model for database administration and management utilizing repeatable processes, best-in-class proactive monitoring tools, rapid response call protocol and deep industry expertise.

CommitDBA DBAsYou get a primary and secondary senior DBA assigned to your database environment for significantly less cost than an in-house full time DBA. Our DBA team is all US based and able to meet strict SLA (Service Level Agreement) response time requirements.

A fixed monthly fee allows you to budget accordingly. The monthly fee also includes the use of Quest Foglight and TOAD. The CommitDBA team uses these tools for proactive monitoring and administration. As CommitDBA has purchased these tools to use in service of your needs, your company avoids expenditures on license fees, training, and testing for upgrades.

If you have DBA Projects in the plans you also get discounts for purchasing a block-of-hours for your critical database projects.

Incorporating industry best practices protects your database environment from risks that may cost your organization lost revenue. These losses could include down databases, lost or corrupted data, inability to recover due to poor backups, poorly performing databases and a host of other reasons.

DBAManage is Proactive, Reliable, Affordable
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