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DBA Block of Hours

Use a Trusted DBA as Needed and On-Demand

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DBA Block of Hours

Some organizations may only want to purchase a block of hours (BoH) for DBA support to use on-demand or as needed. While this is not the most practical solution as there is no proactive support or established SLA timeframe response for problematic issues, we understand this need for some companies.

A primary and secondary senior DBA will be assigned to your organization to work with your team on DBA requirements as needed. Both DBAs will be familiar with your database environment and available to work on issues or small projects based on scheduling.
CommitDBA Block of Hours
A DBA block of hours can be purchased in increments and used throughout the contract including the advantage of carrying some over to the next contract upon renewal.

A discounted block of hours can be purchased with DBAManage proactive services which provides 24x7 proactive database monitoring and coverage.

Example DBA Block of Hours Include

A requirement for your organization to reach out to a trusted database service and DBA that can help your in-house DBAs to offload project work or assignments on-demand.

A requirement to fill in for your in-house DBA when they go on vacation, training or other reasons that might take them away from DBA duties that they would normally perform when working.

An organization without a DBA can purchase the DBA block of hours to provide non-proactive support and upgrades as needed knowing that they can rely on a trusted DBA.

Block of hours usage for any of the above reasons or for other database support needs providing the flexibility to use them as needed and when necessary.

A Reduced Rate to Bank DBA Hours
For On-Demand Usage as Needed!

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