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DBA Projects

Critical Database Project Services to Meet Your
Strategic Objectives

CommitDBA Project Services

DBA Project Success

Complex database projects essential to your organization require the right skills, CommitDBA Projectsexperience, processes and knowledge for successful completion. Our CommitDBA team provides you the best possible performance along with a disciplined approach for database projects. The end result is that projects are performed on time and within budget.

Engaging DBAProject services is a cost effective way to achieve the optimal results your organization needs to complete strategic database projects.

Cost savings are achieved by making the right technical decisions, achieving efficiencies by completing projects quickly, utilizing industry best practices and working as a team with your organization via collaboration and communication.

Example Projects Include

Significant version database upgrades such as Oracle 11g to 12c and SQL Server 2008 to 2012.

High Availability implementations such as database clustering, replication, mirroring and others.

Backup and Recovery (BR) and Disaster Recovery (DR) best practice standardization.

Implementing advanced features such as data partitioning, compression and replication, security and others.

Data architecture including physical and logical design, hardware scalability, performance optimization, capacity planning and others.

Tracking metrics over a period of time with Foglight to monitor data growth and usage to determine database and hardware scalability and capacity requirements.

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