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Database Assessment and Health Check

Holistic and Deep Dive Assessments Lead to Optimal Performance and Risk Elimination

CommitDBA Assessments

Data assurance through optimal performance, recovery safeguards and best practice administration should be priority one. Your enterprise databases must always be available, tuned well, securely protected and maintained. Evolving database complexities required in today’s business world make it even more critical to maintain the highest standards for database administration and management.

CommitDBA provides comprehensive Holistic and Deep Dive database assessments which covers all DBA Service Categories as described in The Top 10 Database Essentials – A Catalog of Coverage Necessities. Our focused assessment will determine whether your data assurance level is 0 (non-existent), 5 (Optimized) or somewhere in between.

Assessment Type

Brief Description


CommitDBA provides a Holistic Database Assessment which covers all DBA Service Categories. These categories are described in The Top 10 Database Essentials – A Catalog of Coverage Necessities. The holistic assessment covers all essential DBA assessment criteria at a macro level so that you can review the overall health of your databases within a single report. High priority issues across each DBA category will be highlighted for remediation.

Performance & Tuning

CommitDBA provides a Deep Dive Database Performance and Tuning Assessment. Poor performing databases can slow business operations and even cause outages. If your databases are experiencing ongoing performance related issues such as slow query response or overall degradation, then we recommend an in-depth assessment focused on the database performance criteria.

Backup & Recovery

CommitDBA provides a Deep Dive Database Backup and Recovery Assessment. Solid backup execution is a key component of IT continuity strategy and one of the critical success factors of every organization that values its corporate data. If you have any doubts about the reliability of your backups and recovery processes, we recommend an in-depth assessment focused on database backup and recovery criteria.

Security & Protection

CommitDBA provides a Deep Dive Database Security Assessment. Your database security plan and protection is the last line of defense if an intrusion has penetrated your outer network security perimeters. Once breached, sensitive data is open and available. Reliable data assurance safeguards are essential to your organization. If you have any doubts about your database security provisions, we recommend an in-depth assessment focused directly on your database security.

High Availability

CommitDBA provides a Deep Dive Database High Availability (HA) Assessment. Maximum availability is critical in today’s e-business 24x7 market. There are a multitude of HA options utilizing current and emerging technologies. If you require 24x7 database availability and are concerned with the ability to meet these requirements, then we recommend an in-depth assessment focused on database High Availability.

Database in the Cloud

CommitDBA provides a Deep Dive Database for Cloud Assessment. Whether your database resides in a public or a private cloud, the purpose of this assessment is to analyze various cloud database components and evaluate whether they are optimally configured. Cloud analysis includes cloud database scalability, cloud native database tools, database optimization for cloud and other database related cloud features. If your database resides in the cloud or you are considering moving databases to the cloud, then we recommend an in-depth assessment focused on cloud usage.

CommitDBA Database Assessment Value and Advantages

Our database assessment methodology incorporates industry best practice and standards, an adoptive framework and best-in-class monitoring tool (Quest Foglight). Foglight metrics are analyzed and incorporated into the assessment. A proven seven step end-to-end process enables cohesive and coordinated assessment delivery results that can be acted upon. The end result is a focused maturity roadmap to optimal database productivity and continuity.
  • Senior DBA Specialist Assigned
  • Top 10 Issues per Database Instance Reported
  • Quest Foglight Metrics Reported
  • Data Assurance Level Diagnosed
  • Database Maturity Level Assigned
  • Ongoing Impact Adjustments
  • Measurable Results Tracked
  • Follow-up Maturity Check
  • Senior DBA Manager Assigned
  • Issue and GAP Priority Established
  • Quick Hit/High Impact Recommendations
  • Industry Best Practice Recommendations
  • Roadmap to Level 5 – Optimized Level
  • Response and Remediation Planning
  • Discovery and Findings Summary Provided
  • Team Review with all Key Stakeholders

Know your Database Environment Maturity Level
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