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Database Services for Your Cloud Adoption

CommitDBA DBACloud

Cloud Adoption and Data

Data is the key to all business operations and strategic decision making. This translates to data and databases as the most important asset within the IT ecosystem, whether the data resides on-premise or in the cloud.

Both public and some private cloud service providers tend to hype that anyone can create a database instance in the cloud with a “click of a button”. While that may be true to an extent, it is really only the tip of the iceberg.

Cloud Adoption and the Role of the DBA

Cloud adoption typically takes an incremental hybrid approach. Most organizations implement cloud solutions to only selected applications, functionalities, data, processes or disaster recovery at a time.

It is essential that the DBA be involved with key decision making for cloud adoption initiatives. The DBA’s knowledge, expertise and cumulative experience establishes value for critical decision making with cloud adoption.

Cloud Adoption - The Role of the DBA

CommitDBA and Cloud Services

CommitDBA is currently providing data cloud services to meet customer requirements for:

  • Consulting based around cloud provisioning
  • Migrating databases to the public cloud
  • Migrating databases to the private cloud
  • Adopting data to the hybrid cloud
  • Configuring cloud disaster/recovery (DR)

Why CommitDBA for Cloud Services

CommitDBA is a leading specialized Database Management Service Provider (DMSP) in the industry which:

  • Has the experience for cloud data solutions
  • Has the processes for cloud data migration
  • Has the DBAs for optimal cloud DB services
  • Has partnerships with major public clouds
  • Has partnerships with leading private clouds