Database Management Simplified

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CommitDBA Overview

Database Management Simplified

CommitDBA Overview

CommitDBA is a business unit of Ross Group Inc dedicated to providing enterprise database services and industry best practices to data centric organizations. Many small-to-medium (SMB) sized businesses want to outsource specialized database administration to database managed service providers. Outsourcing DBA support helps off-load critical database services instead of hiring a DBA and purchasing expensive monitoring tools. In addition, outsourcing brings in expertise to support the Top 10 Database Essential areas of coverage along with providing 24x7 ongoing support. Included in all of this provisioning is affordable service pricing.

Today, CommitDBA helps to manage and support over 500 Terabytes of data for clients throughout North America, Canada and Europe. Specializing in Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL technology stacks, CommitDBA meets the ever-evolving and increasingly complex industry environments with a number of diverse solutions tailored to meet all database service requests.

CommitDBA Service Offer


24x7 or 12x5 database managed services with proactive database monitoring powered by Quest Foglight. Includes over 200 in-scope DBA tasks, an expert remote DBA on-shore team, a roadmap to optimal performance and more for a fixed monthly fee.

24x7 reactive database services for emergency support or ad-hoc requirements as needed. However, no proactive services or 24x7 database monitoring is included. Requires a small retainer fee.

Cloud DBA services for migrating and managing data in the cloud. Essential to successful cloud adoption, CommitDBA works with organizations from the beginning of the cloud adoption phase through the end of the cycle phase to monitor and manage each client's databases in the cloud.

Database security services that cover holistic and deep dive security provisions as the last line of defense. Database security layers are assessed, monitored and managed to prevent data breaches. Appropriate security stacks are recommended based on your specific database environment.

Database projects delivered on‐demand, on‐time and within budget. CommitDBA provides expertise for database projects such as critical upgrades, migrations, disaster recovery, replication and other critical database related projects.

Holistic and deep dive database assessments. The top 10 database essentials are assessed for thorough analysis. Deep dive database assessments are available for performance, backup/recovery, security, high availability and database in the cloud.

A pre-purchased block of hours (BOH) at a reduced fee for any DBA work that is performed. This could be for specific planned projects or the remediation of database issues. However, no proactive services or database monitoring is included with BOH.

High Performance and High Availability expertise provided for advanced database architectures. Advanced technologies include Oracle RAC, SQL Server AlwaysOn, Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle Exadata, Advanced Data Replication and other emerging architectures.

For data centric organizations, CommitDBA delivers solutions that include data analysis, data warehousing, analytics, information architecture, data integration, reporting and other data related services for optimal data management.

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