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Advanced Database Systems

Expertise to Assist Your Organization with Extreme Performance and High Availability

CommitDBA Database Advanced Systems

What are Advanced Database Systems?

Advanced Database Systems include clustered environments and appliance platforms designed for high performance and maximum availability. Organizations with 24x7 business needs for immediate compute failover and extreme database performance rely on solutions like Oracle RAC, Exadata and SQL Server AlwaysOn.

Why CommitDBA Services?CommitDBA DBAs

Experience, reliability and knowledge are the keys factors for sustaining these complex database systems and environments. Your organization depends on enterprise databases being available 24x7 with the best possible performance and maximum availability which the Advanced Systems architecture provides.

The CommitDBA team has been supporting Oracle and SQL Server Advanced Systems since their inception. CommitDBA provides consulting, best practice and ongoing services surrounding Advanced Database Systems and has many clients currently running in these environments.

Our Oracle Advanced Systems is led by Mike Culp, one of the leading Oracle DBAs in the country. Michael has been working with Oracle products since the early 1990s and has managed some of the most complex Oracle environments in the world. This includes being the chief Oracle enterprise architect at one of the largest industry leading financial institutions managing 50+ Exadata systems.

Extreme Performance - ExadataCommitDBA DBAs

The Oracle Exadata engineered system is the highest performing platform for running Oracle databases. Exadata runs various types of workloads that include Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Data Warehousing (DW), in-Memory Analytics and others. The Exadata appliance provides scale-out database servers, storage servers, PCI based flash storage servers and high speed InfiniBand internal fabric that connects all servers and storage.

High Availability – Oracle RAC

Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) enables the transparent deployment of Oracle Databases across a pool of clustered servers and provides the complete flexibility for CommitDBA DBAsscaling database workloads. Oracle RAC provides customers with the highest database availability by removing the database server as a single point of failure within a clustered architecture.

High Availability - SQL AlwaysOn

The SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups feature is a high-availability and disaster-recovery solution that provides an enterprise-level alternative to database mirroring. AlwaysOn Availability Groups maximizes the availability of a set of user databases for an enterprise. An availability group supports a failover environment for a discrete set of user databases, known as availability databases that fail over together.

CommitDBA Advanced Database Systems
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