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We Manage Databases

A Proven Track Record, Long History, Highly Specialized DBAs and Best-in-Class Monitoring Tools

CommitDBA Remote Database Administration

Your Databases Covered

We offer a comprehensive set of remote and on-site database administration and management services for Oracle and SQL Server database environments.

All of the solutions are supported with senior level DBAs with a minimum of five years experience and many with over ten years. A proven track record supporting enterprise databases since 1996, our offerings allow you to choose the right solutions for your organization.
CommitDBA Remote DBAs
Primary and Secondary DBAs are assigned to your organization working together to provide database management best practices and processes.

For many of the offerings we embed the award winning and best-in-class tool Quest Foglight at no additional cost to you. Foglight’s intuitive interface and centralized dashboard allows our CommitDBA team to assess enterprise-level performance at a glance.

Additionally, we offer complementary services to meet business, analytical and technical data challenges.

Solution Offerings

DBAManage: Our core service offering provides proactive 24x7 remote database monitoring using Foglight and complete database management by remote DBA experts for optimal performance.

DBA Assessment: Our comprehensive and thorough top ten database assessment essentials identifies high risk and problematic conditions along with best practice recommendations.

DBAProject: Our DBA team is ready to work on your specific database projects with the expertise to deliver the results on time and within budget.

DBAOnCall: Our retainer service provides a DBA available for contacting 24x7 for emergency conditions. The comfort of knowing a DBA who understands your environment is essential.

DBA Block-of-Hours: Our DBAs are available on-demand to work on database related issues at your command. Only use your pool of hours when needed.

Data Services: Our data services provides assistance with your needs around reporting, data warehousing, data analytics, data architecture and data security.

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