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Steve Woody, Senior VP Ross Group Inc

Takeaway #7 from Oracle OpenWorld 2016 – Container Cloud Service

Steve Woody, CommitDBA President

February 7, 2017

Oracle OpenWorld 2016 (OOW16) was held in San Francisco from September 18th through the 22nd with a reported 50K+ attendees. The conference featured more than 2,500 sessions and 3,000 speakers. As President of CommitDBA services, I focused in all platforms surrounding the Oracle 12c database stack and Oracle cloud platform. This blog along with four other blogs presents ten important and key takeaways from Oracle OpenWorld 2016.

Oracle maturity in the cloud platform continues to evolve rapidly every year. Oracle announced that their cloud conversion of the Oracle enterprise Application suite of products is nearly complete after 10 years of re-design, development and migration to the Oracle cloud. In 2016, with Oracle’s now very mature cloud platform offerings, customers can choose the environment that fits their business needs best. This may include cloud offerings such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Software as a Services (SaaS) for Oracle Applications.

Oracle Container Cloud Service (OCCS) is a new addition to the Oracle Cloud suite which extends the PaaS offerings that some companies are using in the Oracle Public Cloud. OCCS is part of Oracle’s Developer Cloud Service that provides agile development infrastructure that includes:

  • Version management
  • Testing
  • Continuous integration
  • Deployment services

With the Oracle Container Cloud Service, you can build containerized Application images with user interfaces to manage the Docker environment. Therefore, you can bring your own container service.

Attributes of the Oracle Container Cloud Service include:

  • It is compatible with Docker containerized application needs
  • Provides scheduling policies
  • Provides security and governance
  • Dashboard performance metrics
  • Allows service scaling on-demand
  • Compliments Oracle Java cloud services and Oracle Application Container cloud services
  • Permits open source or any technology inside your containers

Once uploaded, provisioning a new instance is necessary via the AppToCloud option that is available through a Web UI.


For those organizations wanting to utilize developer and testing cloud services, the Oracle Container Cloud Service provides a solution for enabling Docker infrastructure requirements. The significant advantage with dev/test model is that with containers, you can use almost any technology for your applications.

For more information, click here.

Look for more Oracle database related blogs and articles coming out soon on the CommitDBA blog site.

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