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Steve Woody, Senior VP Ross Group Inc

Takeaway #5 from Oracle OpenWorld 2016 – Exadata Express Cloud Service

Steve Woody, CommitDBA President

January 19, 2017

Oracle OpenWorld 2016 (OOW16) was held in San Francisco from September 18th through the 22nd with a reported 50K+ attendees. The conference featured more than 2,500 sessions and 3,000 speakers. As President of CommitDBA services, I focused in all platforms surrounding the Oracle 12c database stack and Oracle cloud platform. This blog along with nine other blogs presents ten important and key takeaways from Oracle OpenWorld 2016.

The Oracle Exadata engineered systems are considered to be the most powerful database platform available on the market with the Oracle enterprise database tightly integrated into the hardware architecture. In the past, a customer could only purchase the Exadata systems for on premise installs locally or in their data centers.

Today, Exadata Cloud Service provides subscription pricing with the ability to grow and expand or shrink capacity based on needs via cloud bursting. The Exadata Cloud Service allows customers to get the benefits of the high compute power of Exadata without having to purchase these engineered systems themselves.

Now, Oracle has introduced a service express model where an Exadata machine runs in the Oracle Public Cloud with Oracle Database 12cR2 and is fully managed. The first month’s price for Exadata Express is only $175 and this subscription service is suitable for applications that run on small to medium sized data. The express package starts with 50GB of database storage and is ideal for developers, testers, evaluators and other users who require the compute power of Exadata with entry-level pricing. A Pluggable Database (PDB) is created as one of the first steps for creating a Service Instance.

Along with running on Oracle’s latest database version - Oracle 12cR2, Exadata Express provides a number of key components and features that are bundled into the service. Listed below is a brief summary of some of the key features:

  • Application Development and tools utilizing Oracle Application Express, JSON Document Storage, SQL Developer 4 along with other application components.
  • Data Analytics utilizing Data Mining SQL and Analytic Views to enable business and data analysts leverage their critical and essential data.
  • Data Security utilizing data redaction features to protect sensitive data in SQL query results prior to display by applications so that unauthorized users cannot view the sensitive data.
  • Data Optimization with data partitioning, data compression, and in-memory column store which provides a dual-format architecture that enables database tables to be represented in memory.


Utilizing the power of Exadata with no cost barrier to entry for certain application and data usage, the Exadata Express Cloud Service provides a great solution to those organizations that require immediate use of a an economical cloud subscription model.

Look for more Oracle database related blogs and articles coming out soon on the CommitDBA blog site.

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