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Steve Woody, Senior VP Ross Group Inc

Database Management: Is Your Data at Risk?

Steve Woody, CommitDBA Director

March 3, 2014

  1. Backup/Recovery: Your database may not be recoverable. Unexpected internal backup, restoration, or process problems may prevent your vital data from being restored and accessed from an internal outage. Optimal backup/recovery planning, procedures, and testing are necessary for risk aversion when you need a database recovery most.
  2. Disaster/Recover: Contingency planning for a potential major disaster and service disruption at your organization is a necessary requirement, even if the odds are low. Planning, implementation, and testing for an offsite transition of data to another secure location could save your business in the event of a major disaster.
  3. Last Line of Defense: Your database security plan and protection is the last line of defense if an intrusion has penetrated outer network security perimeters. Once breached, sensitive data is open and available. Reliable data assurance safeguards are essential to your organization.
  4. Database Monitoring: Proactive data monitoring with proven database software tools provides real-time alerts. Database alerts allow the DBA to remedy database problems and issues quickly. Database issues could be related to performance bottlenecks, data corruption, storage capacity limits, database outages and a number of other significant problems. Your data availability is at risk under severe conditions which will impact your business processes and mission-critical applications.
  5. DBA Expertise: Today’s enterprise databases require significant expertise and support due to increasingly complex configurations, high availability requirements, web services, unprecedented storage growth, and many other reasons. Outsourced database service providers bridge this gap and offer expert DBA support along with a team of DBAs to assist with your critical database sustainment needs.

If you are unsure of your current risk or are wondering if a data crisis could be in your company's future, sign up for our Database Assessment. Our team of remote database management experts will quickly and securely compare your current database environment to industry standards, today’s best practices, look at key performance indicators, provide an assessment scorecard, and an overall holistic assessment that will help you achieve peace of mind.

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