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Our Leadership Includes Previous Real World Experience in the Database Technologies Since the 1980s

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Steven Woody, President Managed and Enterprise Database Services Steve Woody, Senior VP Ross Group Inc

Mr. Woody joined the Ross Group in 1995 as a senior managing partner in the company and is on the board of directors. Mr. Woody is currently the President of Ross Group’s premier enterprise database managed services practice named CommitDBA. Mr. Woody has over 25 years of IT experience, over 22 years of project and team management and over 20 years of database management experience. Mr. Woody’s strengths come from the combination of a detailed IT background specializing in database management and project management. In his role as President, Mr. Woody has positioned CommitDBA as a Specialized Database Managed Service Provider (DMSP) for proactive Database Administration (DBA) services to organizations across the United States and Canada. Mr. Woody has a Master of Arts (MA) in Management from Antioch University Midwest, a Bachelor of Science from Western Michigan University (WMU), and is an Honor Graduate of Control Data Institute (CDI) in Computer Programming. Mr. Woody had written numerous white papers, blogs, case studies, tips & tricks, standards and guidelines and other best practice material throughout his career.

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