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About CommitDBA

Providing Specialized DBA Services Since 1995


CommitDBA Beginnings

Ross Group IncRoss Group started doing business in 1994 providing services in both the application and database industries. Oracle and SQL Server database services have been the focus since the inception of the company.

In early 2012, the managing partners thought it beneficial to create a separate business unit focused on a point solution for enterprise database services. Thus the branding of CommitDBA took place. CommitDBA introduces our professional commitment to premium DBA services for our customers.

At CommitDBA, we are moving at a rapid rate to meet customer demand while providing reliability and high quality database services. This includes the ongoing hiring of highly experienced DBAs, providing our DBAs with the latest mobile devices like the new Surface Pro 3 tablet and partnering with Dell Software to utilize best-in-class DBA tools Foglight and TOAD.

Our dedicated DBAs can help your organization achieve its strategic business goals by providing optimal database performance and availability.

How Do We Engage CommitDBA?

CommitDBA has a diversity of solution offerings to meet all database support needs and requirements.

These offerings include a holistic database assessments (DBA Assessment), proactive managed services (DBAManage), an on-call retainer service (DBAOnCall), a dedicated senior DBA for large projects (DBAProject) and a dedicated DBA for periodic work as requested (DBA Block-of-Hours). Please see our Solutions Offering page for additional details.

Contact one of our business development managers today to discuss which offering would best fit your database support requirement needs. We will work with you to determine the optimal strategy moving forward and a roadmap for success.

CommitDBA is led by a Ross Group managing partner and former DBA (Steve Woody) who understands customer challenges with enterprise databases and emerging technologies. Mr. Woody works with each customer to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed.

A Long History of Proven Database Services

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