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Remote DBA, Oracle and SQL Server Database Services

CommitDBA Database Specialties


Cloud DBA Services
Essential to successful cloud adoption, we work with your organization from the beginning of cloud adoption through the end of cycle with the monitoring and managing your databases in the cloud.

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Database Projects On-Demand Your DBA projects performed on demand, on time and within budget. Experts in Upgrades, Oracle RAC, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Database Design, Database Security and much more.
CommitDBA Database Assessment

Database Assessment

Holistic & Deep Dive Assessments
Covering Top 10 Essentials. Deep Dive Database Assessments for Performance, Backup/Recovery, Security, High Availability and Database in the Cloud.

CommitDBA Database Systems

Advanced Database

High Performance Expertise
Extreme Performance and High Availability including Oracle RAC, Exadata, SQL Server AlwaysOn and other advanced architectures.

CommitDBA Data Solutions

Data Solutions

Data Specific Services
Data driven organizations require Data Analysis, Data Warehouse, Analytics, Information Architecture, Integration and Security services for optimal data management unification.

CommitDBA Testimonials


Client Testimonials
"I was looking to add a DBA expert to my staff, and that’s exactly what CommitDBA provided."
Charles Chamberlain, Director of Information Technology - Cleveland|Sirxon Golf

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Remote Database Management

Database systems are incredibly complex, and if your business relies on a secure database, then managing it is extremely important. Hiring dedicated database administrators (DBA’s) can be expensive, and can leave your database unsecured during vacations, or at risk due to human error. Security is also a crucial part of any database: Because of the complexity, many businesses and database administrators trust their systems are secure and under control when there are no visible problems. This leads to unpatched, unsecure systems. Unfortunately, attackers have targeted these unpatched systems in order to gain access to private data. Enterprise databases span industries – one security breach can impact sales, partner sites, financial systems, business intelligence, and more.

Remote DBA Services

Hiring an in-house database administrator (DBA) is expensive, and not the most effective DBA service. Remote DBA services allow you to pay less than you would for an in-house employee, allow you to work with a professional with extensive knowledge, and don’t leave you in a pinch if your database goes down during an employee vacation. When you hire a remote-DBA for your business, you’ll have one person managing your system. Using remote database services means you will have a team of experts assessing the security, and making sure your database is always up. That knowledge and constant management will give you the peace of mind you need to run your business.

The Best DBA Service

When you work with CommitDBA for your remote database administration, you’ll receive deep dive performance assessments, high performance knowledge and expertise, proactive monitoring with best-in-class tool Quest Foglight, and 24/7 monitoring. Our remote database administration services protect the most important, yet intangible asset of your organization – enterprise databases. You’ll be protected by the best against data breaches and security incidents, get solid backup execution in case of disaster recovery, receive constant database performance and monitoring optimization, and the best maintenance and deployment execution available. Remote database management protects your business's enterprise database, and gives you peace of mind.

24/7 Remote DBA Service

The need for database assessment and remote database services is more apparent than ever. You can never assume your database is secure or running as it should – you need to prove it by expert management, performance optimization, and by executing in-depth database assessment. 24/7, expert remote-dba services are the best management option to ensure your enterprise database’s security and uptime.